Bear Abstraction In Red - Beefcake Painterly Style signed painting print

Bear Abstraction In Red - Beefcake Painterly Style signed painting print

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Bear Abstraction In Red with Blue Beard - Beefcake Portrait in the painterly contemporary impressionism style

8x10 inch artists print comes frame ready in a white signed 11 x 14 inch mat. Painting by artist RD Riccoboni one of America's favorite artists. 

Product Information

Hand Signed Print by the artist. This makes a special gifts, memento or souvenir and is perfect for the home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. This signed print is matted and will fit right into your own 11 x 14 inch frame.

Where do you see this hanging in your house or work space?

This print is signed. It ships directly from the artist studio. 


Original may be available at 

As long as people have been making art, LGBTQ+ artists, like rule breaker California Artist RD Riccoboni, have been painting from their perspective. From gay painters like Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol to bisexuals like Frida Kahlo and trans artists like Lili Elbe and Jeffrey Catherine Jones, the rainbow of great LGBTQ+ painters stretches around the world.
Like all of these artists have creating amazing bodies of work like flowering up masculinity with his, painterly, mystical, geometric, man maps, flower bear portraits or capturing LGBTQ+ events are changing art history books for the better. It’ difficult to determine who has truly left their mark. RD Riccoboni says: I don’t worry about that, I just do my best to create and get the art out there. My name is always new to some, but my paintings are familiar to many, I find that thrilling. It’s up to the collectors and fans to help determine which painters have made, or are making, history with their art, but the artist has to create it and do the work of getting it seen.